The “Terrain of Magical Expertise” RPG is now a sure thing after its Kickstarter project reached its initial goal of $75,000 in just a span of 48 hours. Project co-lead Chris Niosi has also revealed the two stretch goals for the campaign.

Last Sunday, Niosi and his team launched the Kickstarter campaign for their 2D turn-based RPG that’s based on a hit webseries of the same name. Just two days later, the team was surprised to know that support from backers already exceeded the $75,000 initial goal. The campaign still has 31 days remaining before it ends, so it’s very likely that more backers would contribute to the total pledge amount for the game.

Unexpected Turn Of Events

Niosi has since published a new post on the Kickstarter page for his upcoming game. In the post, the creator, animator and writer revealed that the funding support for “TOME” video game really exceeded their expectation. Apparently, Niosi and his team were already anticipating a slow response from fans because they launched the campaign on a weekend.

“Our team is stunned beyond comprehension. This past week, I was warned that the first couple of days were gonna be slow because we decided to launch on a weekend when things for crowdfunding campaigns tend to be a little dead,” Niosi wrote. “I reassured everyone, myself included, that we’d be okay, because of our already-dedicated fanbase. But, THIS? I did NOT expect this. Literally within our first 48 hours of being active, we’ve hit our base goal of $75,000. We have all of you to thank for this.”

Kickstarter Stretch Goals

Now that the game is fully funded, Niosi grabbed the chance to announce the first two stretch goals for fans. The first stretch goal will be unlocked when funding reaches $100,000. This will add an animated ending cutscene to the game. The second stretch goal can only be unlocked when funding reaches $125,000. This will encourage the developer to introduce special event outfits for the Dandy Alliance.

These two stretch goals seem to not be the only goals beyond the initial funding goal. Niosi after all teased that there’s plenty more to come in the next several weeks. Unfortunately, he did not really specify as to when he’ll be making more announcements about the things they are preparing for fans.

“Terrain Of Magical Expertise” Explained

As mentioned earlier, “Terrain of Magical Expertise” is based on the webseries of the same name that was created by Niosi. The upcoming video game is inspired by Super Mario RPG gameplay, and it is also heavily influenced by the Mega Man Battle Network and .hack series.

In the game, players assume the role of a young White-Hat Hacker, who is gifted a copy of a famous massively multiplayer online game that’s also called “TOME.” With the right set of skills, the protagonist will have to log in to the world of “TOME” to fight off Black-Hat Hackers or the filthy cheaters. Players will also meet the Dandy Alliance, which is composed of a neutral humanoid brawler named Alpha, the technical cybernetic weaponry Kirbopher, infernal humanoid spellcaster Flamegirl, crystal animalistic weaponry Nylocke and neutral morphological spellcaster named Gamesoft.

Release Date

There’s no information on the exact release date of “Terrain of Magical Expertise” yet. However, Niosi’s team expects the game to arrive in December 2018. For now, the developer is encouraging fans to download the free demo for Windows and Mac devices.