Tesla announced plans to build its next Gigafactory in Germany in November. With this upcoming move, other companies are expected to move into the region along with the electric car company. Aside from Tesla building factories, Elon Musk's company will be extending a helping hand to the region after other major car companies transferred its centers out of the area.

With the upcoming Gigafactory construction in Germany, other companies interested in the electric mobility and energy storage sectors are about to join in too, according to Reuters. These companies are expected to supply Tesla for its electric car production. Aside from helping the electric car company, a surge of business will be coming into the country.

“They are already on their way. I’m hearing there are further inquiries with the communities and the regional business development program. Tesla will cause other companies to follow,” said Brandenburg premier Dietmar Woidke.

The premier confirmed that Brandenburg was already coordinating with many companies other than Tesla interested in doing business in the state.

Woidke didn’t specify which companies will be taking their business into the region due to confidentiality issues. However, the premier expects to reveal these companies around Christmas.

As of now, major European car manufacturers, including BMW and Daimler, chose to build its new facilities in Hungary instead of Germany. With Tesla coming in, the region can finally replace the lost factories in the region.

Meanwhile, Tesla has just announced its Cybertruck, and many pre-orders are coming in for the new electric vehicle. Potentially, the new Germany Gigafactory could boost not only Tesla’s production but also its popularity in Europe due to an accessible factory that can supply the company’s new cars easily for the region.