Elon Musk’s upcoming Tesla pickup, which some are now referring to as the Model B, has been making headlines for the past few months even if no other people (apart from Tesla staff) have actually seen it.

The mystery surrounding the new electric utility vehicle is definitely an enticing option for Tesla fans and truck enthusiasts. But what makes the Tesla pickup such a prime vehicle months before its actual launch? And why do some people actually deem it equal to classic pickup models like Ford’s F-150?

The Tesla pickup’s appeal probably stemmed from Musk’s sexy description of the truck. Tesla’s chief engineer once described it as “the coolest car I’ve ever seen.” It will also be science-fiction inspired, with Musk himself saying that it is “cyberpunk” and would definitely fit in movies like “Blade Runner.”

“It’s gonna be like a really futuristic-like cyberpunk, “Blade Runner” pickup truck. It’s gonna be awesome, it’s gonna be amazing. This will be heart-stopping. It stops my heart. It’s like, oh, it’s great,” Musk gushed during an interview with Kara Swisher for Recode.

What’s more, Musk said that the truck will have a lot of titanium in its design which could add more premium feel to the Model B. Titanium metal offers advantages to vehicles like low density, high specific strength and powerful corrosion resistance. The use of the metal can also improve engine efficiency and even help reduce fuel consumption on gas-powered cars.

Ever since Musk showcased an obscure teaser of the pickup truck during the launch of the Tesla Model Y early this year, some exciting concept renders for the cyberpunk truck surfaced online. The designs have caused excitement among Tesla enthusiasts since they help us picture out the new vehicle ahead of November, the Tesla pickup’s supposed launch month.

We saw the concept design of Turkish designer Emere Husmen who started a number of futuristic design renders that are truly impressive. It gave us a truck that’s so out-of-this-world that you’d truly feel that Tesla is bringing something very unique to the market.

We were also treated to designs created by “Star Wars” designer Alex Jaeger, the senior visual effects art director and concept designer for Industrial Light and Magic who has worked on big sci-fi films like "Star Wars II" and even "Men In Black." We even saw an actual “Tesla pickup” customized by Simone Giertz who transformed her Model 3 into a working version of the upcoming pickup.

So however the truck turns out to be once it is launched before the year ends, one thing is for sure: we can expect no less than the most exciting pickup to ever grace the market.

Tesla P for Pickup concept
Tesla P for Pickup concept Emre Husmen