Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s next electric vehicle is undoubtedly making waves even if we still have months to go before the actual launch.

Tesla analysts and enthusiasts alike are constantly on the lookout for new information regarding the mysterious vehicle, one that people have not seen an actual picture of. Musk has built quite a reputation for the electric vehicle by describing it as “cyberpunk” and claiming some impressive features such as a 300,000-pound towing capacity.

And since there are hardly any images that show what the vehicle would look like (apart from an obscure teaser shown during the Model Y launch last March), concept designers have relied on their own imagination to create a picture for the upcoming Tesla pickup. We’ve seen designs posted on Reddit and YouTube and even saw one created by no less than Star Wars designer Alex Jaeger.

Now another version of the Tesla pickup has recently been “revealed” and it is an actual vehicle created by a Tesla enthusiast Eddy Borysewicz together with California-based electric car parts company EV West.

The pickup is actually a modified Tesla Model S and was designed to become the “Teslamino” which basically pays homage to the classic pickup, the Chevrolet El Camino. According to a report from Futurism, the Model S used was already damaged and it required a bunch of modifications. It even used cardboard rear windows made from old diaper boxes, so it definitely doesn’t have the flair and elegance of Tesla cars.

“Epiphany! Let’s go chop off a Tesla,” Borysewicz said in a video. The engine under the hood is not better because it basically showed what the report described as “a rat’s nest of loose wires and hydraulic suspension parts.”

Compared to an earlier modified Tesla 3 dubbed the “Truckla,” the Teslamino feels unfinished. The Truckla was created by YouTuber Simone Giertz who was able to create a fully functioning and a rather impressive version of the Tesla pickup.

The Teslamino, however, performed well and even did a couple of donuts on dirt upon completion. Not everyone is expected to be impressed by the modified vehicle.

At one point, the person recording the video asked, “Do people get mad about this car?”

“Yes, there’s a lot of pissed off people. To each their own,” Borysewicz replied.

Tesla pickup on a Tesla truck
Fans will learn more about Tesla Cybertruck Pickup a few days from now as Elon Musk reveals that it is scheduled to be unveiled. Tesla Inc.