In partnership with the City of Houston,, the official Web site of the State of Texas, has launched an improved version of its online ticket payment service - Keeping in line with the all pervasive user access to mobile devices, the new online service is more mobile-friendly with fresh design and simplified language content. The intent is to enable users to pay online on Houston traffic citations directly from the phone.

The service payment for tickets can be made in three steps, either online or through mobile devices such as an iPhone or Android. The online service guides users to first locate the correct ticket by either using the ticket number or by keying in the last name or offense date. Step 2, involves selecting offences that deem payment.

The final payment is made in the third step. Users can opt for a confirmation email that contains key transaction details. The same service can be accessed using a desktop computer to pay fines in addition to the existing offline methods, such as payment by mail and in-person at the Municipal Courts Building.

Other services available through the page are options for quick and convenient methods to complete driver-related tasks, such as renewal of Driver License, Vehicle Registration, Driver Record Orders, and other related services. Users can also access on-the-go with iPhone and Android mobile applications. has extended its recently redesigned mobile-friendly service across two other popular applications; one, for renewal of Nursing License and two, for online donation for Fund for Veterans Assistance. Other mobile-friendly services are on the cards from the State's official Website.