• The 15-year-old Texas boy sent images of family members he said he killed to other users on Discord
  • The users reported him to police after the teen threatened to continue this violence at a local school
  • The teenage boy turned the gun on himself as authorities closed in on him early Thursday

A 15-year-old boy in San Patricio County, Texas, killed his family and shared photos of his murdered family members on social media before he shot himself dead early Thursday morning, police said.

The teen, identified as William Quince Colburn III, sent images of his dead family members to other users on the social media app Discord, KIII-TV 3 reported, citing the Aransas Pass Police Department (APPD).

Colburn claimed he killed his family and threatened to continue this violence at an area school, police said. The Discord users who saw his posts contacted police, according to the report.

Officers with the APPD, the Ingleside Police Department and the San Patricio County Sheriff's Office (SPCSO) were able to track down the suspect to a mobile home at Aransas Oaks RV Resort in San Patricio County just after 1 a.m. Thursday.

Authorities asked the teen to come out of the RV, but the boy refused, police said. Officers then said they heard a gunshot and a body fall, which prompted them to go inside the RV.

Police found four dead bodies, including Colburn, as well as two dead dogs. The victims were identified by police as the teen's 63-year-old father William Quince Colburn Jr., 53-year-old mother Jana Colburn and his 13-year-old sister Emma Colburn.

"At this time, police remain confident there is no continuing threat to areawide students or staff," the AAPD said in their statement Thursday.

Aransas Pass officials started investigating Wednesday the graphic photos the 15-year-old boy posted on social media. The SPCSO, at the same time, was also working on the case after receiving a separate complaint from the Texas Department of Public Safety, which also aided in the investigation, according to the APPD.

The APPD was notified of the images by other juveniles within the group where the threat was made.

"Had it not been for their speedy action and continued support, we might well have been working on an even more tragic event later this morning. Thank you," the police department said in their statement.

Colburn was not an Aransas Pass Independent School District student, the district said in a statement. Officials also said there was no ongoing threat to any of the district's campuses.

Investigators continue to work the case.

apple-692186_1920 Representation. William Quince Colburn III, 15, allegedly killed his family and shared images of the scene to social media app Discord. Photo: Pixabay