Need a last-minute Thanksgiving dessert? Luckily, pumpkin, apple and numerous other recipes abound. Eric Thayer/Getty Images

The turkey looks and smells perfect, the stuffing mouthwatering, the mashed potatoes and the Brussels sprouts divine. The table is set, the candles lit and everyone is relatively sober, for now. Everything is perfect. And that's when you remember that you've forgotten to make dessert. Don't panic. Here are five last-minute Thanksgiving dessert recipes that are perfect when you're in just such a pinch. Read on for pumpkin bars, apple Dutch babies and some no-bake goodies that you can whip up pretty much at a moment's notice.

1. Cinnamon Apple Dutch Baby, courtesy of the site Simmer and Boil: Almost a simpler version of an apple pie, this recipe requires just a few basic ingredients that most households will have -- no dashing out to buy obscure spices on Thanksgiving day -- including butter, apples, sugar, cinnamon and eggs. It also requires minimal mixing and measuring and takes 20 minutes to bake. You can put it together while guests are finding their seats at the table.

2. Pecan Pie Baked Apples, also courtesy of Simmer and Boil: This recipe of apples stuffed with a delectable mix of brown sugar, pecans and cinnamon takes 30 minutes and will satisfy both pecan and apple pie lovers alike. Compared to those pies, however, the sugar level is minimal, which makes it ideal for those trying to cut back.

3. No-Bake Sweet Potato Cheesecakes, from the website How Sweet It Is: This recipe requires 25 minutes of prep time, and is especially easy if you have extra sweet potatoes that you've already cooked. It does take some time to set in the refrigerator, but if you can prolong your Thanksgiving lunch or dinner, that just might buy you some time. It's one of the cuter last-minute recipes, too, divided into small glasses and topped with a dollop of whipped cream.

4. Chocolate Pots, courtesy of freelance food writer Lynn Kessel: In Kessel's words, these pots are a "cross between a mousse and a ganache." They take about 10 minutes to make, aside from the part where they chill in the fridge, and they are rich, silky and flavorful, with hints of allspice and cayenne pepper.

5. Gluten-free and vegan Chai-spiced pumpkin bars, via The Kitchn: There's always that guest who just can't, or won't, touch anything because he or she has so many dietary restrictions. But this no-bake recipe should satisfy even the choosiest of eaters, unless he or she doesn't like pumpkin. It does need to sit in the fridge, but again, just draw out the meal, or suggest that guests take a break between dinner and dessert.