The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621. Reuters

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and for those who can’t be with the ones they love, sending a gift basket might be the perfect way to say, “Happy Holidays!” It’s also a good option for guests who want to bring something festive to a celebration. When it comes to which basket and from which company to buy, the Internet has numerous options. Variations range in price, personalization and, of course, taste.

1. Cookies and Brownies: About $30-$40

One of the best ways to celebrate is with a colorful Thanksgiving cookie and delicious brownie.

2. Cornucopia: About $45

Forget the basket: Nothing says fall and Thanksgiving like a cornucopia. Luckily, there are several companies that give the options of sending gifts in a horn of plenty instead of a basket.

3. Pie: About $40

The only thing that is probably better than a homemade pie is one that is delivered free of charge to the front door. While sending pies to friends and family might not be a common practice, it will most likely be an appreciated one.

4. Assortment: About $50

Not sure what type of treat the host fancies? There are dozens of Thanksgiving assortments that have both sweet and savory selections.

5. Wine and Chocolate: About $60

Chances are the host or recipient of the gift probably has an abundance of food in the works for Thanksgiving, so sending a bottle of wine, decorated with fall colors, could be the best way to say “thinking of you.”

Listed below are just some of the websites to check out to discover what type of basket is best for you:

--English Tea Store

--Harry and David

For those who are going to have a vegetarian Thanksgiving, International Business Times writers Connor Sheets and Morgan Winsor shared tips for vegan side dishes and how to cook Tofurky.

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