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A vendor arranges facemasks to sell on a roadside in Hyderabad, India
A vendor arranges facemasks to sell on a roadside in Hyderabad, India AFP / NOAH SEELAM

You will need all the essentials that you should get to stay alive in the fight against COVID-19. Especially so if you are going outside to do grocery shopping or engage in limited outdoor workouts. Social distancing and proper hygiene are, without a doubt, crucial, but you will also need something to keep you safe in the event the former becomes impossible to do.

For that, you will need a good face mask that will help you survive the coronavirus pandemic. Be it one that can be thrown away after use or washed and reused in the long term, a well-functioning face mask ensures that virus-causing germs and droplets do not reach your nose and mouth, which are avenues for infection. And some of them even come with other essential items that help keep the virus at bay.

As essentials, these face masks can keep you alive when used in conjunction with physical distancing and frequent hand washing/sanitizing:

1. ElimStation Face Masks

elimstation face mask filter
ElimStation Face Mask with Filter ElimStation / Etsy

If their more than 12,000 sales and the 5-star rating on Etsy do not convince you to buy any of ElimStation's face masks, nothing else will. All of its washable and reusable cloth face masks are made of cotton and each have an adjustable nose wire and an elastic adjustable ear loop for a snug and perfect fit. They also come with at least one activated carbon filter that purifies the air being inhaled.

2. Alertcare 3-Ply Earloop Face Mask
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An ISO-certified, FDA-registered face mask, the Alertcare Disposable Face Mask can be used at home, in areas with poor air quality or at the workplace. It filters up to 99% of bacteria, and is made of soft non-woven materials that make breathing easier. This disposable face mask also has an outer water-resistant layer that protects you from respiratory droplets.

3. Tart Collections Cotton Face Mask
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This stylish, washable and reusable cotton-based face mask from Tart Collections can be worn almost anywhere: when going to the store, walking in the park or at work. It comes in different colors and patterns, and is available either with or without a label with a little graphic of the Stars and Stripes.

4. Suncoo Disposable Face Mask
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Now with over 1,700 reviews on Amazon, SunCoo's Disposable Protective Masks bring safety, comfort and protection in every use. Each mask has a soft, smooth and breathable fabric that brings both effortless breathing and safety, along with adjustable elastic ear loops on eiter side that are designed to comfortably fit the ears without added pressure.

5. Lucky Sox Disposable Face Mask
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These disposable face masks from Lucky Sox keep your mouth and nose covered and protected from pollution, chemicals, dust, and, of course, virus-carrying droplets, thanks to their three layers of protection, with a melt-blown cloth middle layer for filtration and comfortable outer and inner non-woven cloth layers for breathability. They can fit most face shapes and have elastic ear loops for a more comfortable wear.

6. Unihope Disposable Face Mask Bundle With Hand Sanitizer
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Designed to be lightweight and breathable, UniHope's disposable face masks can unfold and expand, allowing them to completely cover the nose and the mouth -- both especially vulnerable to entry by virus-carrying droplets. They filter up to 95% of bacteria and has soft elastic ear loops that do not cause discomfort and irritation during use. The masks are available in sets of 50 and 100 and come with a free hand sanitizer.

7. BeatBasic Cotton Face Mask
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Thanks to its cotton fabric construction, BeatBasic's face cover is very soft, durable and breathable, keeping your skin fresh all day so you can use it throughout all four seasons. Its adjustable nose bridge not only keeps dust away, but also prevents your glasses from fogging up if you are wearing a pair.