• The robes reportedly violate federal flammability standards for children's sleepwear
  • Affected customers should take the robes away from children "immediately"
  • Instead, they may contact the respective companies to get a refund

Thousands of children's robes imported by several companies are being recalled because they may pose a burn hazard. The products were sold "exclusively" on

Four separate recalls on children's robes were issued Thursday over the products' "violation of federal flammability standards" for children's sleepwear, thus posing a burn risk, according to the announcements on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website.

The recalls were for certain children's robes that were imported by SGMWVB, ChildLikeMe, Betusline Official Apparel and BTPEIHTD.

According to the national flammability standards, all children's sleepwear garments in sizes larger than 9 months should be tight-fitting or flame resistant. This is to protect children from getting burn injuries in case they come in contact with potential ignition sources such as a space heater or a match.

So far, none of the recalls have resulted in incidents or injuries, but the companies are urging those who have them to take them away from children "immediately" and stop using them. Instead, they should contact the respective company via email to get a refund.

The recall of SGMWVB-imported robes affects the ones that were sold on Amazon from January to June 2022. These came in sizes 2T to 10 years and had various colors and pattern designs including blue, plaid, red rose, blue shark, green dinosaur and white dinosaur. Some 3,000 robes are affected.

The recall of ChildLikeMe-imported products also includes thousands of robes, affecting 5,000 units. They were in sizes 5 to 12 years and came in blue, pink with brown polka dots and white with dinosaurs. They were sold on Amazon from June 2021 to August 2022.

As for the recall of the robes imported by Betusline Official Apparel, it affects about 350 units. These were sold from January to April 2022 and came in sizes 12 months to 18 months, 110(3Y), 130(5Y), 150(8Y) and 170(12Y). The robes had a strawberry print on them.

Lastly, the recall of BTPEIHTD-imported robes affects some 2,000 units of the garment. These came in sizes 3T to 14 years and had the colors or patterns black, gray, rose, pink, white, dinosaur, blue and green. These were sold with matching slippers from August 2020 to June 2022.

Customers may find photos of the recalled robes as well as more information about them on the respective recall announcements on the CPSC website.

They may contact the companies via email: SGMWVB at, ChildLikeMe at, Betusline Official Apparel at and BTPEIHTD at

The importers and Amazon are contacting known purchasers as well.

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