Cell Phone Dangers
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The microwave radiations emitted through mobiles phones might cause cancer, a warning issued for the first time by the World Health Organization (WHO). The UN health body has listed risks that were quite alarming since it affects the youngsters and children, the most.

The report, based on the study of 21 scientific from 14 countries worldwide, revealed that the microwave radiation emitted by mobiles disrupts the glucose levels in brain, which may stimulate formation of brain tumors.

According to a last year's study, just 30 minutes of mobile use a day for ten years will increase chances of glioma, a type of brain cancer that is fatal. In 1997, a study by Michael Repacholi at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in South Australia showed an increase in lymphoma in mice exposed to mobile phone radiation over a long term.

There are more than 5 billion people with mobile subscriptions around the globe and it is difficult to expect them to discard their mobiles overnight. The only other option is to minimize their usage and opt for alternative means.

Here are some:

One suggestion was that a hands-free system will considerably reduce direct radiation effects on the brain as the phone needs not to be kept near your head.

Secondly, SMS messages should be resorted to more often than making calls.

Thirdly, opt for 3G phones as they are said to be emitting less radiation than 2G phones.

Professor Bruce Armstrong, of the University of Sydney, who contributed to the WHO report, suggests that new 3G technology phones are better than the 2G phones, as the 3G phones give a much lower dose to the brain than the previous generations.