Rapper T.I., like many people on the internet, was troubled when televangelist Joel Osteen didn’t immediately open the doors of his Houston megachurch to victims of Hurricane Harvey.​ The pastor ultimately opened his doors, but did no after he faced a massive backlash on social media. Osteen, for his part, claimed he never closed the doors of Lakewood Church in Houston.

T.I. took to Twitter and Instagram Tuesday to respond to Osteen. He shared a video of legendary rapper Tupac talking about religion and God. The clip was split with Osteen’s face, with writing claiming Osteen was a hypocrite.

“And all that other s--- is to control you. If the church spent half the money they were making and gave it back to the community, we’d be [alright]. And if they took half the buildings they build to praise God and gave it to mother f---ers who need God, we’d be [alright],” Tupac says in the clip. “Ever see some of the God damn churches lately? There’s ones that take up the whole block in New York. There’s homeless people out here. Why ain’t God letting them stay there?”


This all I'm sayin tho.... #USorELSE #PrayForHouston__ But Stay AWAKE too!!!

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“Why God need gold ceilings to talk to me? Why do God need colored windows to talk to me? Why can’t God come where I’m at, where he sent me? If God wanted to talk to me in a pretty spot like that, why the hell did he send me here then?” he continues. “That makes kids not believe in God.”

Despite Twitter users claiming Osteen closed the doors of his church to the public, he denied the accusation. "We have never closed our doors. We will continue to be a distribution center for those in need. We are prepared to house people once shelters reach capacity. Lakewood will be a value to the community in the aftermath of this storm in helping our fellow citizens rebuild their lives,” a statement from the church read Monday.

Days earlier, however, a statement on the church’s website announced the arena, which could seat nearly 17,000 people, was closed.


This is why people (like me) don't trust the mega churches. How can someone (especially a so called man of God) make 70+Ms a yr TAX FREE from citizens of a city that's now in distress & in dyer need of food water & shelter NOT OPEN THE DOORS OF GODs HOUSE (supposedly) to help those in need? @joelosteen YOU SIR ARE A FRAUD!!!! Ministers,preachers,pastors,reverends are all supposed to be SERVANTS sent here to do the LORDS work. Not just sitting back in comfort watching as satin has his way!!!! FOH!!! We CANNOT AFFORD to continue to just go & give our money away to people who pose as "Preachers" or their BIG lavish MEGA CHURCHES WITHOUT HOLDING THEM ACCOUNTABLE WHEN WE NEED THEM!!!!! Tithing is selfless acts of kindness & what you do for OTHERS. Stop giving y'all money to these _______________LIKE THEY GON TURN YOUR BREAD OVER TO GOD!!!! Nigga please ______________________________

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“Due to the weather impact of Hurricane Harvey and concern for the safety of our members, all Lakewood Church worship services for this weekend, Saturday, Aug. 26th and Sunday, Aug. 27th have been canceled,” a statement on the church’s website Saturday read. Although we will not be having a live service, we will be streaming a previous Lakewood Church service and message by Pastor Joel Osteen titled ‘Pray For Others’ at LakewoodChurch.com, the Lakewood Church mobile app and SiriusXM channel 128. Our Spanish Pastor, Danilo Montero, and Young Adults Pastor, Nick Nilson, will also be ministering via previously streamed messages at each of their respective services as well.”

Osteen didn’t immediately respond to accusations that his church was closed and instead tweeted from his personal account.

“God uses people to push you to where you’re supposed to be. Without them, you couldn’t fulfill your destiny. Victoria & I are praying for everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey. Please join us as we pray for the safety of our Texas friends & family,” he tweeted Saturday. “Give people the grace to change. Don’t judge their whole life on one season, one mistake.”

Osteen continued to tweet as the storm raged on. “There’s a simple phrase you have to get down in your spirit, ‘God’s got this,’” the pastor wrote. “God is still on the throne. He brought you through in the past; He’ll bring you through again. Jesus promises us peace that passes understanding. That’s peace when it doesn’t make sense.”

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