Tiarra Love Hip Hop Atlanta
Tiarra almost got into fight with ex-boyfriend’s mom on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” VH1

Scrapp DeLeon is desperately trying to tie up loose ends and get everything situated before he has to start his prison sentence, but his mom and ex can’t seem to put their issues aside and get along. On Season 5, episode 8 of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Scrapp learns that he’s facing a five-year prison sentence for a marijuana trafficking charge. He has a few weeks before his sentencing, and asks his mom, Karen “KK” King, to finally sit and talk with Tiarra.

As a quick refresher, KK really doesn’t like Tiarra. It appears that their feud started when KK accused Tiarra of trying to rat her out to the police while she was on the run. Ever since that incident, KK can’t stand the sight of Tiarra. If it was up to KK, Tiarra wouldn’t be a part of their lives anymore but Scrapp still has feelings for and she’s the mother of his 3-year-old son.

During Monday’s episode, KK and Tiarra meet up but things go downhill fast. Scrapp explains to the two ladies that he wants them to both raise his son while he’s in prison but KK and Tiarra start arguing. KK jumps up as if she’s about to lunge at Tiarra, but security guards quickly step in to keep them apart. KK threatens to pop up at Tiarra’s house to fight her, and Tiarra tells her ex’s mom that they can meet downstairs in the parking lot. Because of the altercation, Tiarra decides it’s best if her and Scrapp’s son doesn’t see KK while Scrapp is away in prison.

It’s unfortunate that Tiarra and KK weren’t able to put their differences aside, especially since Tiarra and Scrapp were able to make a little headway on co-parenting. Earlier in the episode, Scrapp attends a Daddy Day with his friends, but he’s a little bummed out that his son couldn’t be there because Tiarra wouldn’t let him. However, before the day is over, Tiarra shows up with their son and let’s Scrapp spend some time with him.

As “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” fans are already aware, the tension between Scrapp and his ladies isn’t the only drama on the show. K. Michelle throws herself an album-listening party and of course a fight almost breaks out. Things start off rocky after K. Michelle and D. Smith exchange tense words over a jab K. Michelle takes at D. Smith’s friend Betty Idol. Then Bambi gets into an argument with Betty Idol and D. Smith, causing security to step in and keep everyone apart. Bambi refuses to leave the listening party, so Betty Idol and D. Smith bolt.

Also during the episode, Lil Scrappy finds himself in a situation with Jessica Dime. Jessica tells Scrappy about her awkward encounter with his ex, Bambi, at a birthday party. Jessica explains that she introduced herself to Bambi and informed her that she and Scrappy are trying to get to know each other. Scrappy doesn’t like that she told Bambi, but they start flirting, and after losing a bet he agrees to take her out on a date.

A new face is also introduced on Monday’s episode: J-Nicks. He’s interested in dating Tiarra but is having issues with his girlfriend. While at a strip club, J-Nicks’ girlfriend makes a beeline for Yung Joc, making it clear that she’s interested in him. Joc is having a hard time deciding if he should stick to the “bro code” and leave her alone or do what he wants.