TikTok owner is getting ready to rival Spotify and Apple in the music streaming field. ByteDance is reportedly in talks with recording companies as it enters to test its luck into a new category.

Rumors now surface the internet about ByteDance’s alleged plan to put up its own music streaming app which has not been named yet. The TikTok maker was reported meeting up with Warner Music, Universal Music and Sony Music, three of the biggest names in the record industry as per the Financial Times.

People familiar with the matter said that the China-based company’s purpose meeting with the three largest record companies in the world is for ByteDance’s music catalog service to acquire global licensing.

What Awaits The ByteDance Music Streaming Subscribers

A list of on-demand music such as what Apple, Spotify and Amazon offers is one of the features to look forward to with the planned ByteDance music streaming app. User-Generated Content and a collection of searchable short video clips that could be synced to songs and shared with friends is another feature that the upcoming app has in store.

The upcoming ByteDance music streaming app subscription could cost as much as $10 per month or below. Apple and Spotify would typically charge their all-you-can-stream offerings at the said rate.

What Awaits ByteDance Music Streaming App

With the huge market that TikTok already has at one billion users across the globe, the ByteDance music streaming app could be at one step forward ahead of its rivals. However, entering a field where subscribers already have their streaming music account on Apple, Amazon or Spotify, the Chinese based TikTok maker needs to find a way to stand out from among the rest.

When and Where to Expect the ByteDance Music Streaming App

People briefed on the plans revealed that the ByteDance music streaming app could be out for the public by the first week of December. However, the service could only be available in Indonesia, Brazil and India. Sources also say that the service will be available in the US sometime later with the dates yet to be confirmed.

The TikTok maker refused to comment on the matter thus no confirmation on any part of the said rumor is released as of the moment.