A TikToker has claimed that two Los Angeles police officers stood by and watched him getting assaulted by a maskless man on a train. The man who identified himself as a "queer" said the officers did nothing to stop the assault in a video that has gone viral.

The TikToker known by the handle @dustyberringz has shared a short video captioned: "Queer person (me) gets assaulted in front of LAPD, police do nothing about it" and has gathered more than 1.2 million views.

The video begins by showing two police officers standing on the train near the Tiktoker who is recording the video while the overlay reads "this maskless man assaulted me in front of LAPD and the cops let him.” The camera then spans to show a maskless man arguing about the mask while trying to grab the camera from the Tiktoker. "He literally just grabbed my hand, and you’re not doing s**t,” @dustyberringz tells the cops, Daily Dot reported.

The video also shows the maskless man saying “Hi, I’m not wearing a mask,” while swearing and showing him a finger. In a follow-up comment, the TikToker identified the officers' names along with their badge numbers requesting the viewers to help him by calling in a complaint to the LAPD metro. He has also identified his alleged assaulter in a follow-up comment of the video.

However, International Business Times cannot independently verify the identity of the two officers and the maskless man who allegedly assaulted the man.

Meanwhile, many viewers came in support of the man encouraging him to file a police complaint against the officers who watched the assault without intervening. Some viewers even shared similar experiences with the cops.

"Cops are just a waste of taxes at this point," a viewer accused. The comment nonetheless sparked a heated discussion in the comment section of the video with some viewers supporting the argument while many others defending it saying that "if we defund the police who are you going to call if you are assaulted."

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