• Tim Allen joined the many celebrities who have condemned last week's Capitol riots
  • He speculated that the rioters were able to breach the Capitol due to inside help
  • Allen is gearing up for the launch of his new series, "Assembly Required," which premieres February

Tim Allen has weighed in on last week's riots at the Capitol, criticizing President Donald Trump for his inaction during the event.

Allen shared his thoughts on the Capitol breach on Jan. 6 during an interview with Entertainment Weekly Tuesday. The actor, who claims to be "fiscally conservative and an emotionally liberal," described the riots as "horrible, embarrassing and shameful."

"Why didn't the powers-that-be go [to the Capitol]?" he said of the president. "When I was watching that, I felt that the president should have been a stand-up guy and go there with his security and say, 'Hey, come on. No, no, no, no.' Maybe they don't allow that."

When told that Trump could have told the rioters to stop and leave without having to go there, Allen said the president "could do whatever he wanted."

"Go there yourself. Say, 'Come on out, people… I never said any of this. That was not in that speech. I never said, Go storm the Capitol,' or whatever," he added.

He also believes that the rioters likely had some inside help when breaching the Senate building despite photos circulating of them shoving and kicking the Capitol officers to get inside. Allen suggested that some of them may not have realized that they were breaking the law by entering.

"I've been there before and it's impossible to get in that building," he said. "I couldn't get in, and I had credentials. They wouldn't let us in. So who opened the door?"

"I got to believe that people at the back [of the crowd] didn't know that they had broken the door," he continued. "They were going, 'Oh look, they're letting us in.' There were 120,000 people outside that had no idea this was going on. [Ashli E. Babbitt] who was shot was not a radical, she was an Air Force veteran. Why was she shot? It's so sad anybody got hurt over this."

Allen is currently wrapping his Fox show, "Last Man Standing," and gearing up for the premiere of his new series, "Assembly Required." The 10-episode unscripted series will be hosted by Richard Karn.

The show "will spotlight the best and brightest builders from across the country, at their home workshops, as they compete to breathe new life into everyday household items in desperate need of fixing," A&E Networks announced in August 2020 in a news release.

"Assembly Required" is set to premiere on The History Channel on Feb. 14. Meanwhile, the ninth and final season of "Last Man Standing" is currently airing Thursday nights on Fox.

Tim Allen Tim Allen will no longer return as Mike Baxter for “Last Man Standing” Season 7. Pictured: Allen at a NFL football game in Detroit, Michigan on Nov. 28, 2013. Photo: Reuters/Andrew Weber