Let's be clear: we're not suggesting you watch ABC's Last Man Standing, Tim Allen's return to television, because we think it's good.

But if you want to see Allen's gruff, growling dude persona say things like for crap's sake and smells like balls in here, while teaching his toddler grandson about the evils of Obamacare, this is the new sitcom for you.

Allen reminds viewers, less than a minute into the pilot, that he's returned to ABC by bursting through the front door (carrying a giant fish) and announcing, I'm back!

In case you missed that subtle reminder, less than a minute after that he leaves the room saying, It is great to be back home!

You know, back at ABC, where he used to have another series, Home Improvement? Remember? You used to love him? Tim Allen, ABC, funny … remember? You do remember, right?

Allen's Mike works for an outdoor sports catalog, which means he's away on location photo shoots much of the time. But when his boss (Hector Elizondo, who's relegated to uttering phrases like jack-wang) pulls the plug on the catalog, Mike is called on to stick closer to home and work on the company's website.

And that means more time at home with his sassy wife (Nancy Travis steps in for Patricia Richardson this time around) and three daughters (instead of the Taylor boys). Mike, unsurprisingly, has issues with his daughters, except for the tomboy one, who mirrors his 'tudes by complaining about having to hang out with the female family members, or the hens, as she calls them.

And on it goes.

The bottom line: Allen and company have essentially re-created Home Improvement with daughters instead of sons, and, unfortunately, with cliched one-liners and gender stereotypes instead of laughs.

But we suggest you check it out, just to see what we mean.