“Titanfall 2” players should watch out for new downloadable content that Respawn will be rolling out soon. The developer has just announced that fans can expect new paid DLC and a stock of free content to arrive starting this April until June.

Just recently, Respawn shared via Electronic Arts’ website its plan for new content releases for “Titanfall 2” starting this month. Among the things that were confirmed were the two general multiplayer maps, a new Titan and two more Live Fire Maps that are coming anytime soon. Purchasable Prime Titan versions of Ronin and Tone are also scheduled for release in the near future.

In addition, Respawn is also preparing the release of a series of updates and minor upgrades for “Titanfall 2.” These updates are still in the works but the developer stated that players can expect them to arrive within the same period as the new maps and paid DLC.

The upcoming patches were revealed to include a range of changes such as the increase in the Gen cap to 100, the Expanded Private Match settings which will now add Live Fire and Coliseum to the selectable modes and the introduction of a new Faction.

Respawn’s plan also includes the Marked for Death game mode, More Pilot executions and the addition of refinements to matchmaking such as the estimated wait time. Finally, players can also expect to see the addition of purchasable camos, skins and many more items into the store.

Eurogamer has learned that there will be free trials here and there; however, both the developer and the publisher, Electronic Arts, have yet to reveal the schedule details for these.

The announcement of the DLC plans comes just comes days after it was revealed that “Titanfall 2” failed to even match its predecessor’s sales. Its lackluster sales were also felt last month when “Battlefield 1” beat its figures on all platforms per the market research conducted by industry analyst SuperData.