• 343 Industries previously announced that the release of "Halo Infinite" would be delayed
  • Earlier, a game executive confirmed the bad news about the game's release
  • The delayed release of "Halo Infinite" may have benefited the game, according to another developer

With the release of Xbox Series X fast approaching, "Halo Infinite" community director confirmed disappointing news about the much-awaited next-gen title.

"Halo Infinite" has no specific release just yet, according to 343 Industries Community Director Brian Jarrard. The executive's confirmation came through a tweet. Jarrad also said that any listing on retail sites with exact release date is placeholders or speculation.

The community director could be referencing to the official Xbox One page on Amazon's website. In the late part of August, the landing page listed a new release window for "Halo Infinite." It states that the game would arrive sometime in the Holiday of 2021, implying a full year delay on the game's release.

The latest tweet of the gaming studio's executive is a statement that clears that this retail listing is not correct. Also, since the game is delayed, it could mean that the team is hard at work and has grander plans for the upcoming title. Without a fixed release date, the developer could be working on something more substantial about "Halo Infinite" probably in terms of scope.

Microsoft was already promoting  Halo Infinite at the E3 gaming convention in Los Angeles last year
Microsoft was already promoting Halo Infinite at the E3 gaming convention in Los Angeles last year AFP / Mark RALSTON

Meanwhile, a tweet from an anonymous developer at the studio who regularly posts updates about "Halo Infinite," confirmed that new features had been introduced into game since it was revealed earlier. The anonymous developer also mentioned that it won't be long before the game releases, which was originally scheduled for November 2020.

"We're definitely taking our time to perfect this now that we got a delay", he said on Twitter. He added that "It's all worth it trust me. I wanted the delay to happen". Some fans believe that Qilin is a fake account of someone trying to impersonate a developer at 343 Industries. However, the Twitter account has teased announcements in the past which were later proven accurate.

It appears that the delay in the release of "Halo Infinite" has further benefited the game if the latest rumor is to go by. 343 Industries earlier assured fans that it has no plans of cancelling the game. Essentially, fans have to wait a little longer before they could get their hands on the much-awaited game.