A toddler succumbed to her injuries after falling from the fifth floor of a building located at Penampang, Malaysia, on Sunday.

According to reports, the incident occurred when the family was on a vacation and had gone to lunch on the fifth floor of the building where the mother had allowed the three-year-old girl and her younger sibling to play around.

The pair of siblings were holding hands and running toward the next building connected by a bridge when the 3-year-old toddler ran ahead of her sister. Suddenly she fell on the concrete ground through a gap on the bridge.

The mother was right behind the children, recording them as they ran around. However, she was unaware that the bridge was still under construction as there were no warnings or sign-boards around. Police were alerted about the incident and the girl was immediately rushed to a hospital. However, she succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced dead by the doctors.

Meanwhile, the family members were shocked that a Chinese Newspaper report based on the official police media statement had mentioned that the mother had failed to supervise her children at the time of the incident. The family said they were puzzled to find out that the police report issued to the press was different from the one that was actually lodged.

“We are very surprised over how the police report had turned out differently,” said the girl’s uncle, Roger Chow.

Children play with an old man in the Old City of Tripoli
EDITOR'S NOTE: PICTURE TAKEN ON A GUIDED GOVERNMENT TOUR. Children play with an old man in the Old City of Tripoli, August 14, 2011. Reuters