• "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 232 has sparked interesting theories
  • Chapter 233 is set to drop on Dec. 1
  • It will most likely show Takemichi's next move

Chapter 232 of Ken Wakui's hit manga officially rolled out Wednesday. Interestingly, it has triggered speculations that Mikey will murder Rukuhara Tandai's top dog, South Terano, in "Tokyo Revengers" 233.

Titled "It Takes Two to Tango," the latest installment of the "Tokyo Revengers" manga showed the continuation of the Mikey vs. South battle. South was delighted because Mikey finally made his move.

Meanwhile, Takemichi, Akashi and Senju were surprised by the turn of events. Senju, the leader of the Brahman gang, called out Mikey and told him South was her opponent. Mikey heard Senju and gave her a grim look while saying, "You wanna die next?"

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Senju felt Mikey's murderous vibe. Out of the blue, South tried to attack Mikey while yelling, "Let's start the requiem's finale."

South's attack was powerful, but before it even landed, Mikey's signature kick hit his face.

South was surprised and had goosebumps, an indication that he was enjoying the battle. He realized that Mikey's strength was on par with his and exclaimed that it was what he had long been waiting for.

South executed another attack, but Takemichi stepped between them and asked Mikey to stop the fight or his opponent would die. South was furious and at the same time startled by Takemichi's dumb move.

However, it seemed Mikey did not hear his friend and continued talking to South.

"You can't stop destroying things can you? I am the same that's why I'm here to destroy you," Mikey said.

While hearing those words, South realized that he could not move his body.

Mikey's attitude and overall aura reminded Takemichi of the time he confronted Kazutora. The time traveler thought Mikey could turn into a murderer any minute now. 

But instead of listening to Takemichi, Mikey reached for his friend's hand and broke it. Takemichi cried in pain while Mikey moved past him and asked South, "Now then, how do you want to die."

The chapter ended with Takemichi crying out words of desperation just to stop Mikey from making a move that he might regret for the rest of his life.

For fans who are looking forward to seeing the release of "Tokyo Revengers" 233, the manga installment is set to officially drop on Dec. 1.

As for the spoilers, insiders usually share details of the next chapter on various social media platforms sometime between Friday and Sunday. The raw scans, on the other hand, usually surface between Monday and Tuesday.

"Tokyo Revengers" 233 will most likely show Takemichi standing up again and then attempting to stop Mikey from killing South. There's a huge possibility that Mikey will hurt Takemichi. With his dark impulse overtaking his entire being,  the leader of the Kantou Manji gang seems like an entirely different person.

It remains to be seen if Senju, Akashi and other members of the Brahman gang will intervene in the battle. If Takemichi fails to stop Mikey, the latter might no longer return to his old self, until he becomes the Mikey in the future timeline he once saw.