• "Tokyo Revengers" 232 leaks are now available online
  • Scans reveal Mikey has been overtaken by his dark impulse
  • "Tokyo Revengers" 232 might reveal more details about Takemichi's vision

"Tokyo Revengers" 232 will reportedly show time-traveling hero Takemichi in grave danger and will hint at the imminent demise of South Terano.

"Tokyo Revengers" 232 is set to release Wednesday but while the official manga is not yet available, a new set of raw scans surfaced online recently. Shared and translated by an insider and Twitter user, taiyakiboi, it revealed that Mikey will continue to pursue South in the upcoming chapter.

Takemichi, who had seemingly noticed Mikey overwhelmed by his dark impulse, will stand in between South and Mikey to stop his friend from whatever he is planning to do. Perplexed by Takemichi's peculiar action, South will ask the time traveler why what he is doing.

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Takemichi, still determined to stop Mikey, will tell the leader of the Kantou Manji gang, "If you do this," but before he finishes the sentence Mikey will break his arm. The scans also revealed that Mikey will tell Takemichi that he is in his way.

The scans also show Takemichi in pain while Mikey proceeds to face South Terano. The leaks are just a couple of panels of the upcoming manga installment and do not reveal much beyond that.

It is worth noting that this is the first time Mikey and Takemichi will meet after the former asked for the latter's help 10 years later.  In the not-so-far future, Mikey is the leader of the Bonten Gang and like the person in the previous chapter, that version of Mikey is also overtaken by his dark impulses.

Some readers are heartbroken after learning about the leaked scans since they know the amount of pressure Takemichi has been carrying on his shoulders trying to save Mikey from becoming the person he will be in the future. On the other hand, fans couldn't blame Mikey for acting this way because almost all the important persons in his life were taken from him.

One of the panels of Chapter 231 showed Takemichi's vision of the dead South Terano. The upcoming installment might reveal more details about this vision.

"Tokyo Revengers" 232 might show if Takemichi will still try to save Mikey after he got his arm broken or if he will just give up and cry in pain for the way things turned out.