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Servers hosting Ubisoft's online shooter "Tom Clancy's The Division" have struggled to cope with demand since the game went live on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Ubisoft

Players will get their hands on "Tom Clancy's The Division" Tuesday, but several big leaks have hit the internet before the game's official release. Reddit users have combed through files from "The Division" to find new details regarding downloadable content, campaign missions, weapons lists and a few other spoilers for Ubisoft's big online multiplayer game. There are spoilers regarding missions and maps within the data leaks.

A Reddit user data mined "The Division" to reveal a fairly extensive list of weapons, armor, attachments and perks found in the game. The weapons list includes assault rifles, shotguns, high-end sniper rifles, submachine guns and sidearms found throughout the game. Weapon talents include the Predatory perk — it regenerates 5 percent of health over five seconds after a target is killed — and the Capable skill — using a skill temporarily improves weapon handling.

Not all of the files may be included in "The Division," according to the Reddit user. Some references to the Bratva faction may be for a new enemy introduced in future DLC or an older enemy that was later cut or modified during the years "The Division" has been in development. Some Reddit users speculate that the Bratva faction may have become the Rikers faction, while others think it could be a new Russian faction introduced in the paid "Last Winter" DLC. There were references to drones found within the files, but this technology used by enemies was cut by Ubisoft, according to Eurogamer.

Based on the data files, there will be 26 main campaign missions. There are a few references to DLC called "Kill the Tank." Ubisoft revealed its year one content last week. "The Division" will receive two free updates in April and May followed by three expansions released in June, late summer and winter of 2016.

Another Reddit user discovered a Gear Score system that lets players advance after they hit the level cap of 30 in "The Division." Each item has a Gear Score, where more powerful items have a higher number. The average Gear Score of a player will let them know how they compare to other high-level agents.

The Dark Zone will have a few daily challenges along with Supply Drops. In the game, the Strategic Homeland Defense will drop items at different locations in the Dark Zone, the game's multiplayer area. These Supply Drops will contain ready-to-use items, but getting them will be a challenge as other players and enemies are also fighting for the supplies.

While "The Division" is set in a quarantined Manhattan, the game's files revealed a potential expansion in Brooklyn. Another leak revealed that Brooklyn was not only a location in the game, but the first area players explore as part of a training mission, Eurogamer reported.