The Division
"Tom Clancy's The Division" was released on PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 8, 2016. It was a major boost to Ubisoft's numbers. Ubisoft

Ahead of releasing "Tom Clancy's The Division" next week, Ubisoft detailed its plans for downloadable content for 2016. The new content will include two free updates along with three paid expansions released throughout the year.

Previously, Ubisoft said it would be "generous" with content for players in the first year of "The Division." The free updates are more substantial than the paid expansions that focus on survival-based modes.

The first free update, "Incursions," arrives in April. There will be a new squad play activity where a team of four can earn high-level equipment. A loot trading feature also will be added with April's update. The next update, "Conflict," arrives in May. In this one, players will partake in a mission into Columbus Circle and a new feature is added to the Dark Zone, the game's seamless integrated multiplayer area in the middle of Manhattan.

The paid expansions will arrive in June, late summer and the winter. June's "Underground" expansion sends players into the tunnels underneath Manhattan to search for enemies. The summer's "Survival" expansion is a test of endurance where players collect items while under heavy attack. Winter's "Last Stand" will feature another seemingly never-ending assault that players will have to overcome.

Players can access the paid expansions by purchasing the Season Pass or the gold or collectible versions of "The Division." Purchasing the Season Pass gives players a sawed-off shotgun, new outfits, bonus events and additional content drops.

In addition to the announced updates, creative director Julian Gerighty said there will be new Dark Zone features, daily and weekly assignments, a challenge zone and gear sets. There will also be Dark Zone events released throughout the year.

Because the majority of "The Division" is focused on the multiplayer experience, Ubisoft said there will be no advance review copies. "Since it’s impossible for us to populate the servers in a way that would adequately replicate playing 'The Division' on launch day, reviewers will start playing the game along with everyone else when it’s released on March 8," Ubisoft wrote in a blog post.