Thousands of gamers are playing "Tom Clancy's The Division," which is why the lack of significant technical issues is a considerable achievement. That's not to say there have not been a few gameplay issues raised by players. Ubisoft, in an attempt to address concerns regarding the multiplayer area known as the Dark Zone, will release "The Division" Patch 1.0.2 Tuesday. The update features a few bug fixes, but the patch addresses the biggest complaint when it comes to the Dark Zone: the lack of rewards.

Players will find plenty to like when the patch goes into effect during routine server maintenance Tuesday. In the Dark Zone, players can now fast travel to checkpoints from outside the area. The update may give more incentive to turn against fellow players as killed players will randomly drop ammo, medkits and grenades. Going rogue, where one player kills another in the Dark Zone, has been seen as too much work for too little reward, but the latest "The Division" patch increases the Dark Zone Funds and experience for surviving as a rogue agent.

In turn, players hunting rogue agents have additional incentive with increased Dark Zone Funds and experience rewards.

Phoenix Credits are spent on high-end gear that can only be unlocked after a player reaches level 30, but they have been hard to come by as enemies rarely drop this coveted in-game currency. The patch improves the Phoenix Credits drop rate for level 31 and 32 enemies. Level 30 enemies drop between one to three Phoenix Credits, level 31 enemies drop two to four Phoenix Credits and level 32 enemies drop three to five Phoenix Credits.

Level 31 and 32 named non-player enemies will also drop more high-end loot in the Dark Zone. Rank 30 chests in the Dark Zone will now drop Superior items while chests that require Dark Zone keys may now drop High-End items.

There is some bad news for players in the patch. Players discovered a "loot cave" where precious Phoenix Credits could be mined from a named enemy known as the Bullet King just outside of the Dark Zone. Tuesday's patch will eliminate this exploit by preventing named enemies from respawning in the open world.