Makeup and hair skills used to be handed down from mother to daughter or from beautician to customer in the decades before the Internet. Apply makeup in sunlight. Do not brush your curls. Blot your lipstick with a tissue before leaving the house. These tips were not necessarily groundbreaking or all that helpful. Eager style mavens were in desperate need of some trendier input.

YouTube has quickly become the top spot for makeup and hair advice with its countless beauty gurus on hand for all your style and fashion needs.

Many of these talented gurus have gone on to have lustrous careers thanks to the popularity of their simple YouTube tutorials, often recorded on their personal laptops from their bedrooms.

Michelle Phan has one of the most well-known success stories. In 2007, Phan was turned down for a behind-the-counter job at Lancome, according to Social Maximizer. She turned to YouTube to launch her own beauty-tutorials channel and, five years later, is now the most-subscribed YouTube guru of all time with almost two million subscribers and over 560 million video views. Lancome backtracked and asked her to be their official video makeup artist. Phan also has her own skincare line, IQQU.

Even though makeup and hair gurus are a dime a dozen on YouTube, there are a certain few stars who dazzle a bit brighter than the rest.

Here is our list of the top 10 best makeup and hair YouTube gurus to subscribe to. We promise they will help beautify your life in no time!