The television weathercasters are becoming more and more stunning and beautiful over the years and some have attracted more viewers than even prime time shows.

Sometimes, the weathercasters themselves are more interesting than what they report in the program (which, more often than not, can be seriously boring!).

Without doubt, the weathercasters are one of the primary reasons why many people are glued on to weather channels these days. The more beautiful and sensuous they are, the higher TRPs they notch.

If the trend continues to develop around the world, the weatherman tag might be replaced by a hot weatherwoman.

International Business Times (San Francisco edition) has compiled a list of what we consider the most stunning female weathercasters in the United States.

Here is our list of top 10 most stunning female weathercasters in the United States. Click on the slideshow to begin but first, a word of caution - if you're feeling hot under the collar, it's more than just the weather that is to be blamed: