An iPhone displays the 'EcoFinder' application
Apple apps are not always as serious as they look REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

Apple applications have always been made to provide the user with a wonderful experience. But here are some which are bizarre indeed:

iSteam: This is one of the most bizarre apps ever made. The application will cover your iPod and iPhone touch screen with a virtual condensation which will look like a misted-up bathroom mirror. You can also blow into the device’s microphone that will create a fog in the screen and you can then write messages on it with your finger. The app also has realistic sound effects of water droplets and squeaky sounds while you write.

Annoy-a-Teen: This app does the same work as corner shop and fast food joints did using high-frequency sounds to warn teenagers and keep them off the premises infested by gangs and anti-socials. The app may help you to clear your path on a busy day.

iBeer: iBeer has been one of the best-selling ‘virtual pint’ apps ever. You can use it to see a pouring beer and the screen will fill up with foamy amber. You can tilt your device to your mouth to fool your friends and it will really look like you are drinking.

Cat Photo Clock Light: A strange app which will provide you with a slideshow of pictures showing kittens with a large display showing the date and time.

iBlackout: The application makes the screen of your device bright white and turning it into a torch to help you find stuff during a power-cut. The colors, however, can be chosen by the user which will convert the device into a sort of glow-stick.

Rimshot and Crickets: This application has been made to provide the most suitable sound effect for any occasion in life. You can actually produce a badum-tish cymbal crash that was used in old comedy flicks when you crack a joke. The app also has the option to make jeering cricket sound effects if someone’s joke falls flat.

Hold On: The only purpose of this app is to see how long you can keep on pressing a virtual button. A timer will calculate your endurance level and you can later submit your best score to a personal mini-league.

Multi-color concert lighter: The app gives you the flame of an old zippo lighter on your device’s touch screen to wave at a concert. The app has a built-in accelerometer which will sway along with your hand.

iFart: No explanation is needed as the name says it all. Nearly three hours of juvenile fun is guaranteed from a huge library of different disturbing sounds.

Drunk Dialer: The name suggests the work of the app. Drinking and dialing is never decent when your phone book is full of important contacts. The app, however, requires the user to hold his iPhone steady while dialing a number as it will not respond to a to-and-fro movement.