iPad 3 has slowly become the most anticipated device in the market. The rumored features make the tablet even more special. Here are the top 5 features that were expected in the iPad 2 previously, but are rumored for iPad 3 again:

Camera: Everybody expected a camera with a flash for iPad 2, but that never came. iPad 3 is on its way and is rumored to be equipped with one. The previous iPad 2 had a decent camera but what will it be like when the iPad 3 hits the market with a camera with flash?

Processor: The iPad 2 flashed a 900MHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, Apple A5 chipset and PowerVr SGX543MP2 GPU. That made the tablet one of the main contenders in the tablet market war. Now the iPad 3 is about to be introduced to millions of customers and is rumored to sport a Quad-Core Processor, most probably the A6. That will make the tablet as powerful as any high-end desktop computer.

Operating System: iPad 3 may see a major change when the OS of the most awaited tablet is discussed. The iPad 2 was powered by iOS 4, and now, as rumored, will the new iPad 3 see the next-generation iOS 5? Rumors regarding the OS go even deeper as the tablet is also expected to run OS X. If a quad-core processor, as mentioned earlier, is really coming then there are high chances that Apple may also introduce OS X Lion for the tablet.

HDMI: Previously, Apple introduced the HDMI playback in iPad 2. This, however, had problems of its own. The user needed an additional digital AV adapter which is available for $39. The upcoming iPad 3 is expected to end the problems regarding the additional HDMI cable with an evolved HDMI port.

New Retina display: The retina display was expected in iPad 2 but Apple decided to carry on with the display of the first iPad. Now the iPad 3 is being heavily rumored to arrive with the retina display. An improvised resolution of 2058X1536 pixels is also expected.

iPad 2: IBTimes

In conclusion: Other rumored features of the iPad 3 include a Thunderbolt port (that will make data flow and connectivity lightning fast), Wireless synchronization (user are expecting to finally bid adieu to the traditional wired connections). A new SD card slot will also be expected which was previously absent in iPad 2. If rumors are to be believed then Apple will also introduce 3D to its upcoming tablet.