2018 has been a good year for new inventions and technological breakthroughs. Many new gadgets have been built, and some of these products will soon hit market shelves across the globe, changing the world for the better. Here’s a look at the top five inventions of the past year.

Crypto Anchors

As more products get sold on e-commerce platforms, the question of authenticity has become important. Crypto Anchors are a new invention that can help consumers easily identify a fake product. Micro-computers can be embedded inside a product with blockchain technology, saving data related to it, Tech Worm reported. The information stored in the blockchain can’t be altered or tampered with. This technology can be used to authenticate a product.

Assisted Shaving Razors

Shaving is a mundane task that men across the globe do regularly. However, this routine task becomes a challenge as a person gets older. Caregivers find it difficult to shave the elderly or people in need of help because the current handles and blades have been designed for self-shaving. That will change soon.

Gillette TREO is the world’s first razor that has been specifically designed for assisted shaving, Time reported. The product has a flexible blade and a paintbrush like handle that is filled with clear shave gel. The product is currently in the final phase of testing and will be available in the market soon.

3D-Printed Homes

For some time now, homelessness has become a challenge that is not restricted to the third world. Many of the countries in the west are also trying to find solutions for this challenge. According to Time, one solution is 3D-printed homes. Texas-based startup ICON recently managed to build a 350-square-foot home in just 48 hours. Apart from the time saved, this technology can help build homes at a fraction of the current cost of building.

Eco-Friendly Shoes

Petroleum is the primary ingredient in one form or other in making shoes today. San Francisco-based startup Allbirds has come up with an eco-friendly alternative called SweetFoam, which is made from parts of sugarcane that are generally thrown away, Time reported. The new product will help reduce the emission of carbon dioxide into the air.

Product To Keep Food Fresh Longer

A new product that may soon reduce the amount of food that spoils in refrigerators across the U.S. According to Time, a new product series, FreshWorks by Rubbermaid, has the potential to reduce spoilage. As fruits and vegetable ripen, they consume oxygen and release carbon dioxide and water. This new product regulates the inflow and outflow of these three elements, helping fruits and vegetables stay fresh a little longer.