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Get your body beach ready with these diets Reuters

Everyone is tired of dieting without getting the results, but fear not, we've found some powerful diets that'll get you in beach-ready shape in no time.

Jenny Craig - With the help of you Jenny Craig personal consultant you will achieve that summer body you have always wanted. For those of you who are on lower budgets this diet may not be for you since the cost of the program starts at about $600 per month. The consultant customizes a meal program which includes three packaged meals and one snack per day. You are allowed to add your own fruits and vegetables after they are approved by your consultant. So what are you waiting for call Jenny today!

Weight Watchers Diet - Weight Watchers has been helping us slim down since the 1960s. This diet program defines each food you consume as points, and depending on your goal weight you are allowed only a certain amount of points per day. The program really focuses on portion size and how to forever moderate one's food intake. Weight Watchers weight-loss support groups, which are both online and in person, help you make this adjustment that can totally change the way you eat. Hey, it is nice to have long lasting results.

17 Day Diet - summer is here and for some it's getting down to the wire to shed those extra pounds before putting on that swimsuit. Dr. Michael Moreno has discovered a way for us to start shedding the pounds in as little as 17 days as well as speed up the metabolism. This diet has three cycles and a fourth long-term maintenance cycle. The 17 Day Diet encourages a diet of beneficial eating, without the use of sugar, processed foods, fried foods, and other unhealthy foods. This new diet has become a phenomenon across America!

Zone Diet - this low calorie diet helps change your metabolism and prevent certain health problems. When you are on the zone diet you attain in 30 percent calories of your daily intake from protein, 40 percent calories from carbohydrates, and 30 percent calories from fat. There are many books on the zone diet which tell you what specific foods to eat and stay away from.

Ornish Diet - The diet is definitely for those of you who are going hardcore in the race to stay healthy and lean. The Ornish diet plan, discovered by M.D. Dean Ornish, is a very low-fat, high fiber, vegetarian diet. Therefore, the diet eliminates meat, fish, and poultry. Only less than 10 percent of your daily calorie intake will come from fat. With this diet and exercise, you will be on your way to that beach body in no time.