Here are some unusual Christmas movies to watch on Netflix. Netflix

Christmas is the best time to check Netflix and watch some great movies. While there are some regular movies that are favorites to watch during this time, there are also some off-beat films that movie buffs can try.

Most people will be watching the Kurt Russell-starrer “The Christmas Chronicles” this time around. But there are lots of other choices out there that readers can consider. First, there’s “Blackadder’s Christmas Carol.” This isn’t exactly a film, but it is certainly entertaining. Rowan Atkinson is more popular for his portrayal of Mr. Bean, but back in the day, he made a name for himself for playing the lead role in the TV series “The Blackadder.”

According to Radio Times, a special episode of “Blackadder” aired on BBC1 in 1988. In this episode, Ebenezer Blackadder is the richest man in England. However, the twist in the story is that the Spirit of Christmas “makes him question his kind and gentle ways.”

“The Princess Switch” is a new movie that was released this year. The plot revolves around two lookalike women, one a Chicago baker and the other a princess. As the name suggests, the two switch places with hilarious consequences.

“The Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding” has been described as a “supremely cheesy, under-the-radar hit.” In this sequel, Amber (Rose McIver) is about to be queen, but she may not be ready for what's in store for her.

“The Holiday” is a 2006 film about two women with guy problems. The two swap homes in each other’s countries, and they each fall in love with a local guy.

A Christmas movie list would be incomplete without the mention of an animated flick. According to USA Today, “Angela’s Christmas” on Netflix is worth checking out. The film is set in 1910s in Ireland. The plot revolves around the desire of an innocent girl to see to it that everyone is safe, warm and loved during Christmas. The main theme of the film is about the power of love and family.

For readers who are interested in exploring even more Christmas stories on Netflix, Newsweek has a list of “secret codes” that can be used to unlock different categories on the streaming service that are not always easy to find while browsing.

To unlock the “Christmas Children and Family Films” category on Netflix, readers can use this link. The results apparently vary according to the region from where the readers log in. There is also a list of codes to unlock free Kindle books.