Apple seemed like an irresistible force in the tablet market last year, and for a while it looked like it might duplicate the success - and dominance - of the iPod. But in 2011 technology giants such as Dell, Motorola, Lenovo and RIM are in a new race which could challenge Apple's dominance.

The table from Skatter Tech shows the features included (and omitted) from different tablets. The iPad will probably stay a top-seller on the strength of its app selection. But it's worth noting that the only tablet to have all of the features checked is the Xoom - but the big question mark is battery life. (Motorola claims 10 hours).

Also, none of the tablets has a user-removable battery, which can mean an extra cost when bringing it in for replacement. For comparison, a typical laptop battery handles several hundred charge cycles before it starts to degrade. The Streak and Xoom are also the only tablets with user-removable storage. But in the case of the Streak, that is offset by the smallest internal storage of the lot - 16 GB - and the Xoom's is only average at 32 GB.