Will New Newt Gingrich Have Staying Power?

The recent rise of Gingrich in the polls for the former speaker of the House of Representatives is drawing increased attention to the fact that his own views -- on issues including healthcare, the environment and medical marijuana -- haven't always been in line with those of most conservative Republicans. The inconsistencies have raised questions about Gingrich's true beliefs, as well as his staying power as the conservative of the moment in the Republican campaign. They also have given h...

Nest Sold Out Until 2012

The Nest - the so-called 'iPod of thermostats' - barely touched down on the marketplace before selling out; the smart thermostat is so popular that you won't be able to get your hands on one until early 2012.

Do Short Men Rule The World?

To augment his stature, Sarkozy has stood on boxes, foot-stools, even on his tippy-toes and reportedly even demanded to be photographed only among other short (or shorter) people

The Nest Thermostat: Why Steve Jobs Would Be Proud

Former Apple executive Tony Fadell, who oversaw 18 versions of the iPod and the first three versions of the iPhone, has unveiled his latest invention. The Learning Thermostat uses a simple design to save consumers money on their heating bills.

'Celebrating Steve Jobs': As Biography Released, Apple Posts Memorial Service [VIDEO]

Here, watch the full video from Apple's Celebrating Steve, a Oct. 19 private memorial service for Steve Jobs. Jobs, who died at 56 from pancreatic cancer. Jobs was honored by Al Gore, Tim Cook and Bill Gates, and musicians Joan Baez, Bono and Coldplay. The video also shares personal reminiscences of the Apple CEO, and the reactions of those who gathered to bid the Apple co-founder one final good-bye.

Apple Employees Bid Farewell to Steve Jobs at Oct. 19 Memorial Service

Apple stores around the country closed their doors on Wednesday to allow employees to watch a live webcast of the employee-only service for Steve Jobs that took place at the company's Cupertino headquarters. Hundreds of employees converged on the campus in Northern California Wednesday morning, crowding into the outdoor amphitheater where the likes of former Vice President Al Gore, Coldplay, and Norah Jones paid tribute to Jobs.

GOP Debate: Mitt Romney Grabs Rick Perry’s Shoulder to Physically Intimidate

The two men touted as Republican frontrunners - Rick Perry and Mitt Romney - resisted, with great difficulty, an urge to get into a physical fight during a tense GOP presidential debate on Tuesday. In the midst of a heated verbal sparring session, Romney apparently tried to physically intimidate his opponent by placing a hand on his rival's shoulder, after being visibly annoyed by the Texas Gov.'s repeated interruptions.


Steve Jobs through the Years

The Day After Steve Jobs Died: What Next for Apple?

Now that Steve Jobs is dead, the company he created will serve as one of his greatest legacies. It employs 46,600 worldwide. Annual sales for the period ended Sept. 30 are expected to exceed $100 billion for the first time.