Rick Perry: Global Warming Not Proven

Gov. Rick Perry, R-Texas and a candidate for the 2012 Republican nomination for president, said Wednesday he doubts man-made climate change is occurring, and also asserted that some scientists have manipulated the climate change research data to keep the issue alive.

Hoax or Truth? Global Warming 'Scam' Debate Rages

Global Warming and Climate Change are phenomena that broke the bonds of scientific circles to be a matter of debate between 'believers' and 'skeptics.' Countless studies validating and denying global warming have seen the light of the day providing fodder for more debates, some of which somewhat bitter. A couple of days back reports of Al Gore's use of curse words against skeptics, during a heated rant, was doing the rounds on the Internet. The Nobel Peace Prize winner called thos...


Al Gore

Al Gore Takes His Shot at Global Warming Skeptics [Audio]

Speaking at the Aspen Institute in Colorado on August 4, Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore once again warned of the impacts of global warming, but this time he sounded a bit defeated. But to whom he could be defeated? Yes, the global warming skeptics.
Polar Bears

New Details Break the Ice in Polar Bear Scientist Investigation

New details emerged Tuesday in the mysterious suspension of acclaimed polar bear scientist Charles Monnett. It appears that his 2006 paper on polar bear deaths is not in question. What is, however, is his management of a current study on "Populations and Sources of Recruitment in Polar Bears."