CIA Helping Channel Arms To Syrian Rebels: Report

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency operatives are speeding the flow of automatic weapons, rocket propelled grenades and other arms from southern Turkey to Syrian rebels, according to a recent report. The weapons are paid for by the governments of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Greece Now Has A Government

After weeks of uncertainty, a Greek government has emerged following talks between Greece's center-right New Democracy party, which won Sunday's parliamentary elections, and the smaller leftist parties that lost seats.

Sen Lieberman: White House Leaks 'Worst In A Long Time'

There's concern among some U.S. lawmakers that recent national security leaks that allegedly originated in the White House may have, among other consequences, jeopardized the security of Americans conducting the operations.

Greek Economy Slipping Into Dark Ages As Election Approaches

As Greek voters prepare to the go to the polls on Sunday and central banks around the world prepare to enter crisis mode if far left-wing candidate Alexis Tsipras wins and reneges on the country's bailout package, thus threatening euro zone solidarity, the Greek economy may slip into something resembling medieval Europe's Dark Ages.


F-35 jet

Lockheed Awarded $489.53 Million Contract To Buy F-35 Parts

The Lockheed Martin Corp. (NYSE: LMT) was awarded a contract worth $489.53 million to begin purchasing parts, materials, and components for a seventh batch of 35 F-35 Joint Strike Fighter planes, the U.S. Defense Department announced Friday.