In one of the more bizarre stories about the tech world this weekend, a topless photograph of Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has emerged online. The picture, depicting Zuckerberg and several other shirtless men at a party, was apparently posted online by accident. Check it out.


The photo was originally uploaded to Facebook by Andrew Bosworth, Facebook's director of engineering, according to Gawker. The picture was set to be publicly available, but it was reportedly deleted "seconds later." Bosworth himself is in the shot.

Someone noticed the photo of a topless Zuckerberg and rehosted it to the image-sharing service Imgur. Later, the picture began to go viral on the Web, prompting hundreds of Netizens to wonder, "Why the hell is Mark Zuckerberg hanging around shirtless?"

After the story broke, Gawker updated its post to display a second picture, sent in by an anonymous source. The second photo depicts shirtless Facebook project manager Sam Lessin gesturing toward the camera, with an empty wineglass in hand. Another Facebook product manager, Justin Shaffer, is visible -- and topless -- in the background, grasping hands with another man who is -- you guessed it -- also sans shirt.


Apparently, the two photos were taken at Shaffer's wedding reception: Shaffer reportedly married Annabel Teal on Aug. 4 at the Lightning Tree Farm in Millbrook, N.Y.

As one might expect at a wedding reception, there is evidence of plenty of alcohol at the event, with beer bottles (probably of the Yuengling brand) and wineglasses visible in the pictures.

So it appears the original photo shows not only a topless Mark Zuckerberg but also a seemingly drunk topless Mark Zuckerberg. And that's even more amazing.

However, one important question is still to be answered: Why was everyone taking off their shirts in the first place?