• A new test begins in "Tower of God" episode 6
  • Rachel talks to Khun about Bam in the upcoming episode
  • The new game is set to be deadly

“Tower of God” episode 6 is set to showcase a new test for the participants. In the newly released sneak peek video, it appears that this is a dangerous one.

This article contains spoilers from “Tower of God” episodes.

The official Twitter account of the anime series released the “Tower of God” episode 6 sneak peek trailer. In the clip, the test administrator is seen explaining the rules of the new test.

“The rules are simple. Please knock each other off until there are only eight of you remaining. You may only use the needles that were distributed to you,” the test administrator says.

She adds that the performance of the participants in the game will be reflected in their grades.

One of the regulars asks if they will die if they fall from the top. The test administrator that there is a security system that will save them from their death. She warns them that they are responsible for their own injuries.

After explaining the rules of the test, the game begins. The participants look nervous as they are placed on a high platform. Soon, a battle starts as Anak Zahard is seen attacking a Regular.

Meanwhile, “Tower of God” episode 6, which is titled “Position Selection,” also addresses Rachel’s request. According to the synopsis, Khun will do something after Rachel tells him about her request.

“What will Khun do after meeting Rachel? The position selection begins, and despite struggling with their assignments, the examinees grow closer. Meanwhile, someone watches them and ruminates from afar...” read the synopsis, according to

The previous episode of “Tower of God” marked the conclusion of the Crown Game. During the episode, it was revealed that Khun’s briefcase has the ability to create copies of things that are placed in it. He used his briefcase to not only make copies of the crown, but he also created allies.

“Tower of God” episode 6 is slated to air Wednesday (May 6). The episode can be watched online via live streaming mode on Crunchyroll. Currently, the installments are available in Japanese with English subtitles.

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