• “Tower of God” episode 8 showcases the tag test
  • Two teams namely A and B compete against each other
  • Bam and Khun are in different teams

Khun and Bam face each other in the tag test in “Tower of God” episode 8.

This article contains spoilers for “Tower of God” episodes.

Episode 8 will reveal the battle between Team A and B. Which team will win this test? Can Bam surpass Khun?

“Tower of God” episode 7 starts with the voice-over explaining the rules a Princess of Jahad has to follow like a princess is forbidden from having children. Endorsi tells Anaak that she was not chosen, and she is just an imposter. Anaak is angry, and the duo continues to fight.

However, the match ends in a draw as both Anaak, and Endorsi fall off the platform at the same time.

After the fight, Endorsi and Anaak bond with each other. Endori recognizes that Anaak treated her well.

She asks Anaak if she felt bad after breaking the Jahad law. Anaak tells her that they led a happy life together with no regrets.

Elsewhere, Bam and other wave controllers are practicing their Shinsu. Hoh is finding it difficult and he is angry that Lauroe has helped Bam after Bam offered to clean his pillow, which Serena drooled all over.

Later, Hoh gets an anonymous note indicating that the sender of the message can help him climb the Tower.

Meanwhile, Hatsu and Shibisu are tensed about making two more friends each before the deadline. If they are unable to get two more names on their list, they will fail the test.

Khun comes up with an idea to woo the princesses and Bam bribes them with food.

The second half of the episode showcases the rules of the next test – the game of tag.

Lero-Ro learns that Quant will be joining him in the joint test. Lero-Ro expresses his displeasure to the test director, but he is in no mood to entertain his issues.

Coming to the tag test, 28 participants who haven’t passed will give the test. The participants are divided into two teams – A and B. With Rak passing the previous test, he is exempted from the tag test.

“Tower of God” episode 8 is scheduled to telecast Wednesday (May 20) on Crunchyroll.

Anak in "Tower of God"
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