• Travis Scott "had no idea what was going on" in the crowd at his Astroworld Music Festival Friday, a report claims
  • Scott allegedly immediately stopped the concert when he was told about the mass casualty incident
  • His pregnant girlfriend Kylie Jenner is by his side right now and supporting him, according to the report

Travis Scott was distraught after a crowd surge at his Astroworld Music Festival in Houston, Texas, Friday night left at least eight people dead and scores injured.

A video from the festival has been making rounds on Twitter showing Scott continuing to perform despite concertgoers shouting "stop the show."

An unnamed source told Page Six that the 29-year-old rapper was allegedly not aware of what was happening in the crowd at the time. But when he learned about concertgoers being rushed out on gurneys, Scott immediately stopped the concert, according to the insider.

"He’s really upset — he had no idea what was going on, he was on stage performing," the source added. "He’s beside himself, I’ve never heard him like that. He was in tears."

The insider also said his girlfriend Kylie Jenner is "by his side right now and supporting him." The pregnant reality star was in attendance at the event with their 3-year-old daughter, Stormi.

During the opening night of Scott's Astroworld music festival Friday, the crowd at Houston's NRG Park "began to compress" to the front of the stage, causing mayhem and some people to get hurt, Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña told reporters early Saturday.

Peña said during the press conference that people started to fall out and become unconscious, causing more panic, New York Post reported. At least 23 people were rushed to the hospital, including a 10-year-old child, and 11 were in cardiac arrest. Around 300 individuals were treated at a field hospital on the scene.

No cause of death was given for the eight confirmed fatalities, pending the medical examiner's investigation, Peña said.

Madeline Eskins, who was at the concert and confirmed to the New York Post that she's an ICU nurse in Humble, Texas, shared her experience in a lengthy post on Instagram.

Eskins wrote that she initially passed out during the crush near the stage and later regained consciousness after being "crowdsurfed" out of the packed crowd. She then saw other concertgoers being carried out with their eyes rolled back. Some of them were "bleeding from their nose and mouth."

She told security that she's an ICU nurse, and they asked for her help. She ended up helping them check on the victims and said the medical crews were poorly trained and ill-equipped to treat people.

"Some of these medical staff had little to no experience with CPR, didn't know how to check a pulse, carotid or femoral," she wrote. "The medical staff didn't have the tools to do their jobs. And despite the crowd around us trying to get someone to stop the concert, they just kept going. Even though Travis acknowledged that someone in the crowd needed an ambulance."

According to Eskins, there was not enough emergency equipment, such as Ambu bags used to resuscitate people who can’t breathe or defibrillators used to shock hearts. She had to help out for the rest of the show because even if the crowd was begging for organizers to end the concert, the crew operating the stage lights wouldn't do so.

"I am so disappointed and sad. Finally, cops showed up with more stretchers and started getting people out, but I know at least 2 individuals had been pulseless for 15 minimum before they got on a stretcher," the nurse concluded.

Scott earlier released a statement on Twitter addressing the tragedy. According to the rapper, he is "committed to working together with the Houston community to heal and support the families in need."

Saturday's concert has been canceled.

Travis Scott, 29, made his breakthrough in 2013 and has had six Grammy nominations Travis Scott, 29, made his breakthrough in 2013 and has had six Grammy nominations Photo: AFP / SUZANNE CORDEIRO