• Completing Saga Mode alone in “Tribes of Midgard” is possible, contrary to what others believe
  • Setting up base defenses early is essential to finishing Saga Mode solo
  • Always try to blue- or purple-tier equipment as early as possible 

Preventing Ragnarok alone in “Tribes of Midgard’s” Saga Mode may sound like a daunting and overwhelming task, but with the right strategy, even this can be accomplished relatively easily.

Though “Tribes of Midgard” was made to be played with a group of friends, playing solo is still a viable option. However, players may feel overwhelmed at the beginning, especially since there are so many things in the game to keep track of.

Here is a short strategy guide on how to complete “Tribes of Midgard’s” Saga Mode alone in roughly 10 in-game days.

The overall strategy is to fortify the village while gathering materials for weapon and armor upgrades. Building gates will allow players to explore during the night, ultimately resulting in more time to gather and explore.

General Tips

  • Start with the Villager Starter Kit and use the three free mana charges to cut down trees and break rocks
  • Upgrade the Blacksmith to Level 5 as soon as enough materials for a legendary weapon are acquired. The armorer can be kept at Level 4 while the others can be left at Level 2
  • Players can leave the village unattended during the first three days of the game as long as the Blacksmith and the Tinker are upgraded to level two
  • The Seer is the best class to solo Saga Mode with as their immunity to temperature effects allows for maximum time and resource efficiency
  • One of the paths outside of the village will always lead to the broken bridge

Tribes of Midgard is a 10-player coop game where players must prevent Ragnarok while protecting a Seed of Yggdrasil at their home village Tribes of Midgard is a 10-player coop game where players must prevent Ragnarok while protecting a Seed of Yggdrasil at their home village Photo: Norsfell

Day 1-3: Build the Quarry

Out of the three village resource buildings, the Quarry is the most important because it provides building materials for the gates and the bridge leading to the boss portal. Keep an eye out for barricades out in the world, since they give refined building materials like Cut Stone and Wrought Iron.

Day 4-5: Fortify the village

Block every village entrance with Level 1 gates then upgrade them whenever possible. However, make sure to save some resources for the bridge as it requires 50 Cut Stone and 30 Wrought Iron.

Day 6-8: Finalize gear upgrades and requirements

Use this time to get a full set of purple gear and gather the required fragments for the boss portal. Players will need to finish one event, one quest and one hideout and defeat at least two Jotunns to open the boss’ Lair.

Day 9-10: Build the bridge and defeat the boss

Once all the preparations are complete, head straight to the boss arena for the final battle. Keep in mind that the boss’ HP does not regenerate, and players are free to leave and return whenever they want. Make sure to have the teleportation Waystone ready in case of nighttime village raids.