"True Blood"
"True Blood's" fifth episode of season five ended with the discovery of Russell. Wikipedia

The fifth season of True Blood has been one heck of a ride already. Bill and Eric were captured by the Vampire Authority, Tara is a vampire, Sookie is a murderer and Russell Edgington is loose! And that has only been four episodes. The fifth episode of True Blood's fifth season doesn't expect to slow down either.

Here is what to expect from season five, episode five of True Blood:

Time is running out for Bill and Eric to find Russell Edgington. While the boys have been trying to figure out who knew about Russell's cement grave, Vampire Authority member Salome is tired of their games. She warns the vampires that they have until dawn to find Russell. This is obviously going to add some tension to Bill and Eric's newfound bromance.

Meanwhile Terry and Patrick seem to be in a bit of trouble themselves, as their old war buddy seems to have gone off the deep end. How far off the deep end you may ask? Well enough to have photos of fires plastered along his walls, a hidden bunker full of guns, and oh yeah - tie up his friends and put a gun to their heads! The loose-cannon former soldier also seems to be on the run from some thing. Bon Temps has introduced us to a world of crazy supernatural characters, and it looks like we might just meet another one this season.

But back to Bill and Eric -- since their lives depend on finding Russell. As mentioned before, tension is mounting between the two as dawn approaches.

You couldn't keep your mouth shut and now she's using Russell against us, Bill voices angrily to Eric. While the she is a mystery, we can only assume he's talking about the leading ladies in their lives - Salome, Nora, Pam, Jessica, Tara or maybe even Sookie.

Finding Russell might be difficult for them, but viewers are once again getting a peak at the former King, who was left to starve while being buried in concrete. As a mysterious hand unwraps a blanket to reveal Russell's destroyed face, it's hard not to compare the ancient vampire to Lord Voldemort. Makes us wonder who would win in a fight!

Sookie, as promised in the previous episode, is approached by Bill and Eric who have decided to demand her help in finding Russell. While Alcide told her in the first episode that the evil vampire has returned, she seems to be taking the claims a little more seriously now.

With Sookie wrapped up in her love triangle again with Bill and Eric (might even be a square now with Alcide in the mix), all hell seems to be breaking loose in Bon Temps.

Jason is finding bodies covered in rats. Tara is now rocking leather jackets. Hoyt wants Tara to bite him. Lafayette is throwing things. Someone is hanging from the ceiling in a straight jacket. Tara's momma is screaming bloody murder for Lafayette. Sookie looks like she's getting dirty with Alcide in a hot hookup. Jessica has her fangs ready to bite down on Sookie's neck, and Nora is threatening to rise up.

I think it's safe to say that you won't want to miss True Blood's season five, episode five when it airs Sunday, July 8 at 9 P.M. on HBO.