Season 6 of “True Blood” is going to be pretty gory if the latest poster is any indication.

Set to premiere on June 16, “True Blood” has leaked its newest promo art, and it should definitely have fangbangers nervous. “No one lives forever,” the tagline on the photo boasts. Behind the text is an image of a male vampire in a seemingly serious amount of pain.

While the man in the photo doesn’t appear to be Bill or Eric, the text of it feels pretty threatening, especially due to the rumors surrounding Eric being killed off.

E! Online previously teased that a “big death” would be occurring in the 10-episode series. “It might happen a lot sooner than we originally thought,” they dished. “It’s in the second half of the season but before the finale.”

With episodes six through nine open for this major death, episode seven seems to be the one that has fans the most worried. A leaked list of titles has the seventh episode labeled as “The Funeral,” but the ninth episode is just as suspicious. While the whole season has episode titles, episode nine is being kept as a secret with “????” in its title place.

Rumors of the big death being about Eric started on fan sites and quickly grew. In April, TV Line reported that they could “neither confirm or deny the rumors” but did reveal that there could be a twist.

Spoilers for season six exposed some major friction between humans and vampires, especially after the drama at the Vampire Authority in the season five finale. But while Sam and Luna exposed the vampires for mistreating and torturing humans last season, it appears that the humans aren’t so innocent. According to Carter Matt, Eric will reportedly stumble across a facility where “all sorts of terrible things happen to his own kind.”

Could his new knowledge of the facility put his own life in danger? “True Blood” fans will have to wait until the sixth season airs to find out!

'True Blood'
The episode five synopsis for "True Blood" has leaked online. HBO