There's no denying it: For a lot of “True Blood” viewers, Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) is the main reason for watching. Of course, the HBO vampire drama has other juicy stuff thrown in (a shirtless Alcide here, a gruesome beheading there), but for the most part everything stops when Eric is on screen. Unfortunately for those on Team Eric, he didn’t get much screen time in the season six finale, but the time he did get in episode 10, “Radioactive,” was definitely, well, hot.

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD (Do NOT keep reading if you have not watched the season six finale of “True Blood.”)

In episode nine, Eric flew off in the sky after rescuing the vampires from Governor Burrell’s prison camp. His disappearance left viewers and Pam wondering what he was up to, and in episode 10 Pam decided to go after him. While we didn’t get a chance to see Pam catch up with her maker, we did see where he was hiding out: in Sweden!

With Warlow’s blood pumping through him, Eric fled to the snowy mountains to hang out naked and read a book. What he didn’t count on was Warlow being killed, and his magical sun-walking blood dying off with him. Before episode 10 jumped to six months in the future, it showed Eric dropping his book and bursting into flames.

“True Blood” fans were left with two questions:

1. Is Eric really dead?

2. What book was he reading that so carefully covered his “manhood”? (Spoiler alert: The book did slip! Click HERE to see the NSFW photos of naked Eric.)

Well to answer question one: We’re not sure if Eric will return for season seven, but we’re pretty sure that the “True Blood” execs know better than to kill off Eric without so much as a goodbye (and feel the wrath of Eric fans). Our theory is that he’ll scorch for a little bit but will (somehow) be rescued by Pam.

As for question two, fans on Twitter are speculating that the book he was reading was the 1912 Swedish novel “Den Allvarsamma Leken,” by Hjalmar Söderberg. In English, the book title translates to “The Serious Game.”

According to an overview on, the book is “one of Sweden’s lost classics.” Check out the synopsis below:

“Arvid, an educated and ambitious young man, meets Lydia, the daughter of a landscape painter; it is summer, they are young, and they fall in love. Lydia, however, has other suitors, and Arvid is frightened of being tied to her, afraid of his emotions. Instead, they part and both conduct marriages of convenience. Years later, trapped in loveless marriages, the two struggle to rekindle the passion and promise of their early relationship, but with bitter and tragic results.”

We can’t confirm that Söderberg’s novel is definitely what the Viking vampire was reading, because screenshots of the book in Eric’s hand are blurry, but it sure does look like he was reading “Sweden’s most enduring love story.” Perhaps, like Bill, he wants to rekindle his romance with Sookie?

What do you think about Eric’s possible death and his reading material? Let us know your thoughts for what’s next in season seven of “True Blood.”