If you thought episode 7 In the Beginning was a blood bath, wait until you see next week's True Blood.

Our doped up vampires are back at the Vampire Authority headquarters after their engagement party feeding frenzy, but it appears that they started the party inside before they left. Everything is covered in blood, and unfortunately for Eric, he's the only one that snapped out of the Praise Lilith haze.

This is a sign we're on the correct path, Nora says of the mysterious sign. The sign could be Lilith's short (and naked) appearance.

As the vampires plot more about their beloved Lilith, Eric attempts to go, telling them that he's had enough fun for one night. While Bill and Eric have been attached at the hip all season, it seems like this is the point where Bill finally becomes his own man...for Team Lilith.

It looks like Jason managed to run over to Sookie's after seeing the microwave hand lightening. Trying to talk Sookie out of wasting all her magic, Sookie finally snaps, telling Jason exactly how she feels about her fairy magic.

I'm tired of hearing voices, tired of being chased by vampires and I'm tired of being a freak! she yells hysterically at him.

Meanwhile Lafayette is embracing his inner freak and trying to contact the woman who placed the smoke monster curse on Terry and Patrick. (His lips look healed so I guess he made it out of Jesus' abuelo's house okay.)

She's talking to me and she's mad, Lafayette tells the table, which is filled with Arlene, Holly, Terry and Patrick.

Bill seems to have gone mad, because another clip shows that Eric still has not left the Vampire Authority, and when he asks Bill what he thinks he's doing, Bill replies: Evolving. Unfortunately for humans, evolving looks like it means savagely sucking people dry.

Sam seems to be evolving too, as he's taken his revenge to the next level. After finding one of the members of the hate group at the hospital, Sam takes justice into his own hands. Instead of having the guy arrested, it looks like he placed him in a room with a rattlesnake (or more than likely Sam is the rattlesnake).

Jason is on the revenge train as well, and he's heard telling an unknown person (probably Sookie) that someone needs to pay for what they've done. Since he's been obsessing about his deceased parents that past couple episodes we can only assume he's talking about finding the vampire who killed them.

As for Alcide and his wolf pack drama? Well he brought the drama right to JD when he calls him a disgrace right to his face for taking V. As imagined, a fight breaks out.

Packed into the end of the clip we see a whole mishmash of Bon Temps drama. Russell is yelling that he's born again. Eric has Nora by the throat. Tara is about to feed on some poor tied up blonde and it looks like Jessica was captured by the hate group!

Episode eight of True Blood airs next Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO.