A roundup of surveys in the midst of the Senate impeachment trial shows that Americans remain divided about President Trump's job performance.

ABC News/Washington Post survey showing that 50% disapprove of the President and 47% approve. An Emerson College survey shows that 48% disapprove of Trump and 47% approve. A Fox News poll shows that 54% disapprove and 45% approve, a difference of 9 points. 

The right-leaning Rasmussen Reports poll shows it even, with 49% approving and disapproving of the President. A Reuters/Ipsos poll still shows extremely unfavorably results for Trump, with 56% disapproval and 42% approval, a stark difference of 14 points.  

The latest polls come as the Senate impeachment trial continues amid a fiercely divided Congress. A relatively strong U.S. economy and the progress of recent trade deals could be helping Trump’s favorability amid impeachment.

Meanwhile, new evidence released during the impeachment process, along with some of Trump’s controversial statements and policies, could be harming his approval ratings.

The ABC News/Washington Post survey reveals that 66% of Americans want the Senate to call on new witnesses during the impeachment trial. The same report shows that 49% of Americans think Trump should not be removed from office, while 47% believe he should be removed. A recent CNN poll showed that 51% supported the Senate removing Trump, compared to 45% who did not. 

Trump faces weak support from young voters ahead of the November presidential election. According to Insider SurveyMonkey Audience polling, of Americans aged 18-29, 63% said Trump should be removed from office, compared to 24% who think he shouldn't be and 13% who didn't know.