A new Gallup poll released Monday shows President Trump’s job approval at 38% as the country grapples with multiple crises and as Republicans and Democrats remain divided on the president's job performance. The survey shows 91% of Republicans have a favorable view of Trump, compared to only 2% of Democrats viewing Trump favorably — the largest partisan gap Gallup has ever recorded.

Trump has been criticized for his handling of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, and for his “law and order” response to the anti-police brutality protests after the death of George Floyd. Prior to the demonstrations, Trump’s approval rating reached an all-time high of 49%.

The Gallup survey shows Trump’s approval has eroded among groups that are most favorable to him such as non-Hispanic white Americans, men, older Americans, Southerners and those without higher education.

Trump has attempted to rally a “silent majority” of Americans behind his reelection campaign, drawing on culture-war themes in his recent presidential addresses.

Trump recently railed against “far-left fascism” and “cancel culture.” He has also referred to the Black Lives Matter slogan as a "symbol of hate."

Trump's recent comments have been in stark contrast to public statements from presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden. In a Fourth of July message, Biden promoted racial justice and also claimed that Trump squandered the fairly strong economy he inherited from the Obama administration.

It's unclear how much of a factor the coronavirus will play in the November election. The virus is currently making a resurgence in sunbelt states such as California, Texas and Arizona. Biden has attacked recent comments from Trump that the coronavirus is mostly harmless.

Recent polls show Biden with a strong lead over Trump.

The latest Economist/YouGov poll shows Biden leading Trump, 49% to 40%. An IBD/TIPP survey shows Biden leading Trump, 48% to 40%.