• Former NSA Michael Flynn made the comments at an event in Dallas
  • Asked about the Myanmar coup, Flynn said that "it should happen here"
  • Myanmar's coup d'etat began on Feb. 1 and has since led to over 600 deaths

Donald Trump's Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn told QAnon supporters over the weekend that the United States should have a coup like the one in Myanmar.

A video shared on Twitter showed Flynn, a retired general who is one of the most well-known figures in the QAnon conspiracy theory, claiming that the Myanmar coup “should happen” in the country, during an event at the Omni Hotel in Dallas, Texas.

"I want to know why what happened in Myanmar can't happen here,” he said, eliciting cheers from the crowd. "No reason. I mean, it should happen here."

Members of the QAnon communities also lauded the military coup in Myanmar as “awakening” in several far-right message boards and drew parallels to claims that President Joe Biden was elected because of widespread voter fraud.

“I’m thinking this is a wake up call that not all military coups are bad,” read one post.

“Myanmar’s awakening and Peruvian government waking up. When will the rest of the world decide it’s time to end the cyclical treasonous fraud and purge their government of the corruption? The U.S. will you do the same?” another post read, according to Media Matters For America.

Other QAnon supporters also tied China and Dominion Voting Systems to Myanmar’s election and coup. Both entities were previously linked to voter fraud allegations in the 2020 U.S. presidential election that were since proven false.

“The White House is freaking out after Myanmar Military arrests political leaders for Election Fraud in their November 8 election. Myanmar used Dominion Voting Systems,” a social media user posted.

Myanmar’s military forces seized control of the country in a coup d’etat on Feb. 1 after Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) won 83% of the body’s available seats. The country’s Supreme Court argued that voter fraud was prominent in the election and threatened to “take action” by surrounding the Parliament with soldiers.

The military has since detained top officials of the NLD, including Suu Kyi, the de facto civilian leader, and President U Win Myint. It has also taken brutal steps to put down the waves of protests and demonstrations in response to the coup, leaving more than 600 dead.

Gen. Michael Flynn, former  White House national security advisor, pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his Russian contacts
Gen. Michael Flynn, former White House national security advisor, pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his Russian contacts AFP / Brendan Smialowski