Piers Morgan, the opinionated and outspoken host of "Good Morning Britain," issued strong criticism of Amanda Knox for her recent trip to Italy. On June 15, Morgan tweeted his sentiments regarding Knox's overseas trip to speak at the Criminal Justice Festival in Modena. The decision to return to the country marks the first time she has been back since her 2011 release from prison following her acquittal for Meredith Kercher's murder.

"Out of respect for Meredith Kercher's poor family, Amanda Knox should stop her self-pitying 'all about me' victim tour - and shut up," the television personality wrote.

Morgan, 54, did not directly tag Knox in the initial tweet. However, it still managed to make its way to "The Scarlet Letter Reports" host. She responded a few hours later in a tweet of her own where she bashed the host for previously begging her to be on his show.

The online back and forth then continued thanks to a follow-up jab from Morgan, which also came in the form of a tweet.

No word yet on whether or not Knox will opt to directly respond to his latest remark, but her most recent activity was a retweet of a very telling comment from Barry Scheck, the co-founder of The Innocence Project.