A scene in The Walking Dead second season premiere sets a new standard for squirm-inducing TV.

Really ... the gore factor is so high it easily trumps that time Phil Leotardo got his head squished by a runaway SUV on The Sopranos -- and that scene the Walking Dead team helped create for this past Sunday's Breaking Bad season finale.

Fans of Walking Dead will be happy to know that the stories and characterizations have also been amped up for season two, which picks up with Rick Grimes and company heading off for, literally, greener pastures.

Having made it out of the CDC blast in the first season finale, the survivors are headed for Fort Benning. But the walkers have a way of forcing impromptu scheduling changes, and Rick and crew get sidetracked.

There are also tensions new and old amongst the living, and they bubble up so much that two survivors consider fracturing off. It should be no big spoiler to say that the show's love triangle -- the one which only two of those involved even know about -- is a factor.

And speaking of spoilers, we won't describe the final scene of the 90-minute season premiere -- except to say that it might leave you yelling at your TV.

The Walking Dead season two premieres Sunday at 9/8c on AMC.